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Ayurvedic Oils - Huile Séche - Serum & Lotions

Our Ayurvedic oils are designed to balance what is happening in the body, we have a Vata calming, a Pitta Cooling, a Kapha Vivify, one for Pain Relief and an enhanced Pain relief which you can order by phone. These are classic Ayurvedic preparations with a modern twist.

Huile Séche is a blend of nourishing oils uniquely formulated to quickly penetrate and moisturize the skin without leaving an oily feeling or residue. Our custom mixture of essential oils enrich each bottle with an uplifting and energetic fragrance! Use daily on face and body to ward off wrinkles and soften skin, or on hair to add shine!

Our new addition is the Lip Balm Ball, easy, fun and helpful to avoid dry, cracked, rough lips.