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Practitioner Mentorship Consultations

When confronted with client assessment, management and complicated pathologies or stage fright, it is useful to have a sounding board to confirm or brainstorm to find the best management plan. Practitioner Mentorship consultations are specifically for practitioners in the complementary and alternative health care sector. These appointments allow practitioners the opportunity to consult with Sonia Masocco to gain her advice and expertise when confronted with complicated client assessments, herbal formulations, pathologies and health management. Practitioners will be able to analyze and gain feedback from Sonia on the best course of action for their complex cases, to provide adequate recommendations for their clients.

Practitioner Mentorship Appointments are designed to help established and new coming practitioners navigate the alternative and complementary health sector and grooms future leaders in the industry. With Sonia's mentorship, you will feel confident with your recommendations, product formulations and find yourself growing and evolving your practice!

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