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Lymph Drainage Therapy

Class Start Date: 2/23/18
Class End Date: 2/24/18
Class Times:

Location: Office of Sonia Masocco Phytotherapy

Learn first hand the body treatment technique of Lymph Drainage Therapy. Derieved from the Bruno Chikly MD method, Lymph Drainage Therapy assists the natural intelligence of the body's lymphatic system through precision manipulation of lyphatic fluid, helping to improve lymphatic rhythm, direction and quality. This course covers the history of Lymphatic Drainage as a theraputic modality, an overview of the Lymphatic System, applications of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy for specific health conditions as well as indications and contraindications of other health treatments. Students will be given hands-on instruction and the opportunity to practice, experience and perfect the technique.

Class Cost: $375

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