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Clinical Herbalism 103 - Drug/Herb Interactions - 8 weeks starting Sep 12, 2019 @UNMCE

Many health practitioners recommend herbal and supplement protocols, medical professionals prescribe drugs, and individuals purchase many over-the-counter products. In this class you will learn about common pathologies, the mechanism of actions of selected cardiovascular, pulmonary, psychiatry, analgesic, neurology and condition specific drugs and their herb or supplement interaction/contraindication as well as herbal and supplements adjuvants to specific conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol, asthma, depression and anxiety, pain, Alzheimer's, diabetes etc.  This class is designed to teach the layperson as well as the health care professional and the information provided can be put to use immediately.

Recommended textbook: Herb Contraindication & Drug Interactions, Francis Brinker, ND, 4th Editon ISBN-13: 978-1888483147; student purchases from a vendor of their choice.


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